LOGO REDESIGN | Faces of Cusco wanted to keep the image of the Cusquenan woman which was part of their original logo. We honoured that but changed the rest of it, creating something clean and updated while retaining the traditional Cusquenan feel.

Faces of Cusco is a bar and events space that targets tourists visiting Cusco, Peru. Their audience is primarily english-speaking from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand - flash packers and vacationing tourists with limited time but not a limited budget. Their customer enjoys travel but is also seeking the familiarities from home which hopefully includes a high quality cocktail or craft beer.

We wanted the Faces of Cusco brand to reflect the energy that Faces of Cusco offers their customers - friendly, warm and welcoming - like meeting your friends at the local neighbourhood pub. Yes, like Cheers, where everybody knows your name!
PRINT COLLATERAL | Flyers and Posters
To be distributed at hotels, hostels, cafes and restaurants around town
PHOTOS | Team photo shoot for the website shot in the historical Plaza de Armas in Cusco
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